The art of selecting protective clothing

At Oroel we have been manufacturing protective clothing since 1980 and our hallmarks are knowledge, flexibility and profitability. Today we explain the five main aspects that you should consider to select protective clothing according to the needs of your workers. Here we go!

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Steps to select protective clothing

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Protection and ergonomics

Functionality is the combination of two factors: the protection provided by clothing according to established standards, together with ergonomics of the garment. These two terms, Protection and Ergonomics, are inseparable and should always go hand by hand.

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Temperature and humidity

Garments have to be Comfortable. This is determined by a good balance between temperature and humidity. Other important characteristics are the touch, the weight or the fabric flexibility.

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Casual or sports clothing

More and more workers tend to dress either sporty or casual in their non-working time. This is a trend in workwear.

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Depends on design and manufacture

By definition, a durable product is one that will last much longer without significant degradation with minor maintenance, as well as preserving the original functions and properties of the garment.

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Reuse, repair, recycle

The sustainability of a Protective Clothing will depend on the durability of the garment, its reusability, its capability to be repaired and finally its recyclability.

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