Being seen in time saves human lives, the garments of this range visually signal the presence of the worker with any type of light (night and day) generating a high level of safety, high comfort, high visibility and comfort for the user.

Protective clothing for low-visibility hazards or high-visibility uniforms (commonly called high-visibility clothing) is reflective clothing (for example, high-visibility shirts, vests, pants, or fleeces) that workers must wear to limit exposure to Risks of being run over by increasing “your visibility”, that is, the visibility clothing makes the worker more visible, at more meters, during the day and also at night, when the headlights of a vehicle are focused on him.

High visibility clothing and reflective tape are most often used to alert drivers and other vehicle operators to the presence of a worker, especially in low light and dark conditions. High visibility garments can also be used to increase the wearer’s visibility in situations where part or all of the wearer’s body could be hidden (e.g. leaves / trees, traffic barriers, building materials, etc.) hence the importance of quality and that high visibility reflective work clothing is approved.

Why do I need high visibility safety clothing?

Combined high visibility safety clothing or clothing is necessary if you work in low light and low visibility and are near moving vehicles (cars, trucks, or other machinery that moves under its own power, such as forklifts, backhoes, etc. ) with a non-eliminated risk of being run over if reflective material is not used.

The high visibility reflective including the high visibility accessories is very important when it comes to preventing any accident by implementing it in the high visibility pants or vest among many other possible accessories and work clothes that allow high visibility in the different possible environments .

High visibility items allow drivers of those vehicles to see you sooner and more easily. This fact increases your safety at work in low visibility conditions. The human eye responds best to large, contrasting, bright, or moving objects. Worker visibility is enhanced by the high color contrast between high visibility clothing and the work environment against which it is viewed.

What to take into account when equipping high visibility clothing?

In recent years, controversy has arisen around the personalized high-visibility garment. This has been caused because the corporate design of high visibility clothing has been mixed with the incorporation of two-color high visibility elements, such as retro reflective bands.

When a worker has a risk of being hit, it has not been possible to eliminate by other means and PPE must be used, this personal protective equipment or high visibility uniform must be designed and certified for that risk and must comply with the essential requirements of health and safety in which clothing with high visibility reflective is included.

An example, we have a worker whose working day is mostly during the day, he is not in closed spaces and near vehicles moving at a speed of less than 50 kilometers per hour. If we only put retro reflective high visibility stripes on this worker in a nice high visibility work jacket with corporate colors without reflective material on a phosphorescent background, we are violating the law on prevention of occupational hazards.

Likewise, high visibility clothing with reflective tapes in work clothing is vital for any type of high visibility clothing, one of the most important aspects is in the high visibility of short and long sleeves that are often used to warning mode when waving your arms.

Some of the aspects to take into account to equip certified high visibility clothing are:

  • The type and nature of the work being performed, including the duties of both the wearer of the high-visibility clothing and the drivers.
  • If workers were exposed to heat and / or flames (if so, flame resistant protective clothing would be required).
  • Working conditions, such as indoor or outdoor work, temperature, work rates, traffic volume, visibility, etc.
  • The length of time the worker is exposed to various traffic hazards, including traffic speed.
  • Lighting conditions and how natural light can be affected by weather changes (sunlight, cloudy sky, fog, rain or snow).
  • Factors that affect warning distances and times, such as traffic volume, size of vehicles, possible speeds, ability to stop quickly, and surface conditions.
  • Any distraction that may divert workers’ attention from hazards.
  • Vehicle operators’ lines of sight, especially when vehicles are in reverse.
  • If it is necessary that certain jobs, or the function being performed, be “visually” identifiable by other workers in the area.

High visibility clothing

At Oroel we are manufacturers of Work clothes and we have a collection of high visibility clothing that improves visibility at work and those around you. We guarantee that we have high visibility products with reflective work clothes in:

  • High Visibility Shirts
  • High Visibility Pants
  • High Visibility Jacket
  • High visibility fleeces
  • High visibility divers
  • High Visibility Vests
  • High Visibility Jumpsuits
  • High visibility raincoat

Our high visibility clothing for women and men meets all the requirements and standards of the market to guarantee the greatest safety in any place where there is a risk due to low visibility.

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