Chainsaw protection

Working with chainsaw machines needs to protect the user against cutting. This range of garments is resistant to chainsaw cutting, providing maximum safety and comfort.

Protective anti-cut clothing

Anti-cut clothing enters the protective clothing and is designed to protect you in all situations when working with a chainsaw. Its main purpose is to protect against cuts in vulnerable areas such as the legs. It is not for nothing that the Accident Prevention Regulations prescribe protective pants and cut resistant shoes as part of personal protective equipment.

In chainsaw cut resistant clothing, a layer of cut protection fibers is inserted between the inner and outer fabric. When the chainsaw chain comes into contact with the chainsaw cut resistant pants, it cuts through the upper fabric and then encounters the underlying cut protection fibers that immediately entangle the chainsaw chain and block the sprocket of the chainsaw. chainsaw. As a mark of efficiency, protective pants are divided into cut protection classes from class 0 (16 m / s chain speed) to class 3 (28 m / s chain speed).

Chainsaw anti-cut garments

Our chainsaw anti-cut garments guarantee the highest level of safety and protection against cuts during work. In the online catalog you can find pants, bib pants, jackets or cut-resistant leg loops for chainsaw designed and made with the best fabrics.