Protective clothing for the protection of firefighters during technical rescue operations.

Technical rescue clothing for firefighters

Regardless of the rescue situation, such as a building fire or collapse of a structure, we reduce the risks you face in extreme temperatures and hazardous environments by equipping you with the safest and rigorously tested technical rescue materials and equipment. From the market.

Protective clothing for technical rescue

Is protective clothing It does not have a pictogram on the marking.

IN 16689

The protection against radiant heat offered by this clothing is less than that required for clothing according to the UNE-EN 15614 and UNE EN 469 Standards.
It does not include a convective heat requirement, but it does include contact heat, not included in these standards.
In addition, as a special characteristic, different tests of mechanical resistance and resistance to penetration of blood-borne pathogens are required.
This clothing offers resistance to water vapor (breathability) and lightness intermediate between those offered by garments designed according to the UNE-EN 15614 and UNE-EN 469 Standards.
High visibility elements are mandatory and must meet the thermal and high visibility requirements indicated in different sections of this standard.

Indications for technical rescue clothing

This clothing is indicated for technical rescue activities, for example, in traffic accidents, access to collapsed structures or similar, in conditions of absence of fire, that is: it temporarily protects against possible sudden fires that may occur in such interventions, but it is not specifically designed for fire fighting.
It is not indicated for use in the fight against structural or forest fires, situations with exposure to chemical substances, aquatic rescue, with rope or during fires, or in situations that require work with chainsaws. In these cases, this clothing must be combined with other specific and suitable PPE (eg: harness, chemical protection, etc.)

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