For work in airborne dust environments, painting, assembly of electrical appliances, etc. it is necessary not to produce sparks that could generate a flash over. These garments offer sufficient electrostatic dissipation and prevent incendiary discharges.

Protection Against Electrostatic Risks

Static electricity is a phenomenon that occurs commonly both in a natural environment and in industrial facilities. Static energy charges appear due to physical or chemical changes, or processes of a dynamic nature, and can be a direct effect of our activity.

Static charges are regularly produced by the friction of clothing with another surface when it moves – the body, clothing, or the upholstery of a chair. It is very common to experience this type of phenomenon in everyday life when removing your sweater by pulling it over your head.

In a work environment, the accumulation of these charges can be dangerous, as a potential discharge can cause sparks, which can be life-threatening in potentially explosive areas. They can cause many different disturbances: fire explosions, technological disturbances of production processes, or disturbances in equipment operation. That’s why choosing the right safety equipment for your workers is essential.

What is an electrostatic discharge (ESD)?

Materials with low electrical conductivity and conductive objects isolated from the ground are subject to the accumulation of electrostatic charges due to static electricity. Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is created due to excess electrical charges.

ESD can cause harmful effects in industrial environments, including explosions in gas, fuel vapor, and coal dust, as well as failure of solid-state electronic components, such as integrated circuits. These can be permanently damaged when exposed to high voltages.

Therefore, electronics manufacturers establish static-free electrostatic protection areas, using measures to avoid charging. These include avoiding high load materials, providing workers with antistatic clothing, and controlling humidity.

Antistatic protective clothing

At Oroel we have antistatic equipment that dissipates charges as quickly as possible to avoid static discharges and achieve a safe and secure work environment.

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