Welding jackets and clothing are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) intended to protect workers from small metal splashes and heat, through the use of flame retardant, fire resistant and thermally insulating clothing.

These work garments are essential to protect welders from the adverse hazards of welding, and come in many varieties depending on the needs of the application.

Oroel welding clothing

In our catalog you can find the following products:

Multi-pocket diver

Like a jumpsuit, but looser, these items cover the entire figure of a worker, minus the head and feet. They offer the best protection for a welder’s body.


Intended for the protection of the legs. The predominant material in its composition is cotton (99%).


The jackets extend their protection from the neck area to the waist. Like pants, 99% of its composition is cotton, a fresh, comfortable and washable material.


Shirts with a composition of 54% modacrylic, 45% cotton and 1% antistatic. They provide economical protection against splashes and sparks produced during welding work.

Welding protective clothing catalog

A wide catalog of labor protective clothing from Oroel, a leading manufacturer of protective clothing in Spain.

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