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Firefighter clothing for forestry work

Firefighter clothing for forestry work
In fighting forest fires, firefighting forces are exposed to extremely hazardous conditions and situations and these require forestry work wear.

The high risk of this work environment requires that protective clothing for firefighters be rigorously regulated to protect forest firefighters against fire, smoke, high temperature exposures, all types of weather phenomena and fires.

All the forest firefighter clothing available in the Oroel catalog are suitable for protection against thermal hazards, flames and fire certified with the current regulations in the market.

Catalog of protective equipment for firefighter clothing

Our safety garments for forest firefighters are designed to offer the highest heat resistance in forest firefighting operations providing protection, comfort and convenience.

At Oroel we are leaders in Heat & Flame and Forest Firefighter protective clothing.

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When it comes to choosing the best protective clothing for wildland firefighters, many questions can arise. Here are some of the most common ones:

What are the design requirements for wildland firefighter clothing?

Protective clothing for wildland firefighters must protect the firefighter’s body except for the head, hands and feet. It may consist of:

  • A coverall.
  • A suit with an interface zone.
  • Several inner and outer garments worn together.

The clothing must not at any time restrict the movements made to fight a fire.

In addition, all closure systems must be designed to prevent the entry of burning debris.

What thermal requirements must the clothing for forest firefighters meet?

Protective clothing for forest firefighters must meet the following technical requirements:

The flame spread requirement has to be tested according to procedure A (Code A1) or B (Code A2) of EN ISO 15025:2002.

What are the mechanical performance requirements for wildland firefighters’ clothing?

Protective clothing for forest firefighters must meet the mechanical requirements specified in Table 2.

Tensile strength – EN ISO 13934-1: The outer material must not have an average breaking load ≥450 N in both warp and weft directions.

Tear strength – EN ISO 13937-2: The outer material shall exhibit an average tear strength ≥20 N in both warp and weft directions.

Main seam strength – EN ISO 13935-2: The main seams of the outer garment shall have a seam strength ≥225 N.

How is the marking of protective clothing for forest firefighters carried out?

Protective clothing for wildland firefighters conforming to EN 15614 must be marked in accordance with EN ISO 13688. The marking must be on the garment itself or on a label permanently affixed to the inside of the garment and must remain legible after 50 cleaning cycles.

The marking must contain the following information:

  1. Name, trademark or other means of identification of the manufacturer or its authorized representative.
  2. Product type designation, trade name or code.
  3. Size designation in accordance with EN ISO 13688:2013.
  4. The garment manufacturer must provide washing instructions and, if applicable, confirmation that the garment can be industrially laundered.
  5. Conformity of the garment with the requirements of EN 15614:2007.
  6. Batch or serial number.
  7. Pictogram according to figure 1 and below the code A1 or A2 or both as appropriate.

What information must the manufacturer of protective clothing for forest firefighters provide?

Forest firefighter clothing must be supplied to the customer with written instructions in the official languages of the country of destination.

The information to be provided by the manufacturer includes the following points:

  1. The name and address of the manufacturer or his authorized representative.
  2. The intended use of the product.
  3. Reference to this Standard, EN 15614:2007.
  4. The mode of use.
  5. Code A1 or A2 or both, as appropriate, as well as their meaning.