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The importance of flame retardant and antistatic clothing

When working in dusty environments, painting, assembly of electrical equipment, etc., it is necessary not to produce sparks that could generate a flash over.

These garments offer sufficient electrostatic dissipation and avoid incendiary discharges as they are flame retardant and antistatic.

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Features of flame retardant and antistatic equipment

It has many advantages and benefits, for example wearing antistatic equipment helps to dissipate electrostatic charge.

This workwear is essential and mandatory in many workplaces and it is very important to have protective clothing when working in some sectors, as it protects from serious health problems or in places with combustible gases and dusts.

High visibility flame retardant safety clothing can be in the form of pants, jackets, uniforms, footwear, gloves, shirts, undershirts, gloves, pants, etc. One of the sectors where protection in footwear, jackets or coveralls is very important in those related to welding, the price range € will depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the fabric.

It is advisable that the workwear of the store you choose is flame retardant and antistatic and have the specific regulations (EN ISO 11612 and EN 1149-5) is common to find these two materials, on the one hand the chemically treated cotton aramid (fiber that resists heat and with great resistance) or modacrilica (fire resistant).

Fireproof and antistatic clothing

Among the type of flame-retardant and antistatic garments that we can use we find them:

  • Antistatic and flame-retardant pants: trouser models are designed to be comfortable and, at the same time, able to withstand the physical demands required of work pants. This is done with multiple pockets and an adjustable waist.
  • Jacket and parka: we can have single color jackets or jackets that have high visibility elements. We also have parkas that provide greater protection against the cold and offer waterproof protection.
  • Antistatic and flame retardant coveralls: they provide the first line of defense against contaminants, which means they are lightweight and easy to put on. Not only that, but they should be put on quickly in case of an emergency.
  • Shirt: When we talk about flame-retardant and antistatic garments, we usually think of outerwear. However, it is also necessary to complete the uniform with elements that allow you to remove your coat or parka and still maintain a certain level of adequate protection. A shirt also has high visibility elements such as jackets and parkas.

There are also flame-resistant workwear products, accessories and equipment that meet all the necessary requirements, always guaranteeing high safety and visibility.

For example, undergarments, because they sometimes contain elements that are not suitable for frequent use, or footwear and gloves, two items with flame-retardant properties that will protect you.

Flameproof and antistatic equipment regulations

In the work area of these sectors, workers are required to cover themselves with flame-retardant and antistatic work clothes.

Highly flame-retardant and antistatic safety work protection equipment has flame-retardant and antistatic properties and is necessary for disaster mitigation by meeting specific requirements that regulate the quality of flame-retardant and antistatic safety.

The garment offers a very high level of protection because it is made of materials that do not ignite and limit flame transmission because they are also flame retardant. The fabrics also restrict the penetration of hazardous chemicals or metal splashes.

In other words, it offers protection against three different types of heat (radiant, convective and conductive) as well as splashes, so that it is antistatic and flame retardant.

EN11612 is the specific standard for flame-retardant clothing. It analyzes and establishes the protection properties of materials against heat and flames.

Garments that you can get and see in our catalog and web store.

  • Flame retardant and antistatic gown
  • Fireproof uniforms
  • Protective gloves
  • Flame-retardant and antistatic pants
  • Flame retardant and antistatic shirts
  • Flame-retardant and antistatic vest
  • Flame retardant and antistatic jacket
  • Antistatic and flame retardant raincoat set
  • Antistatic and fireproof jacket
  • Work footwear and boots
  • Antistatic and fireproof polo shirt

In addition, they are certified to meet a series of requirements in official laboratories with tests of being antistatic and flame retardant, in addition to including the level of shrinkage and the useful life of the garment.

Trust in a labor supplier of high flame retardant and antistatic safety in elements such as footwear, pants, gloves, boots, jacket, overalls, pants and other indispensable elements to perform your profession with total security.

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You can get information about flame retardant and antistatic equipment.

There are many doubts that arise when we talk about flame retardant and antistatic uniforms and footwear about the regulations, their application and their price €. Here are some of them::

What is multi-standard workwear?

Multi-standard workwear is made up of antistatic and flame-retardant protective clothing. For this reason, it is suitable for use in different sectors of activity.

In addition to protecting us from electrostatic discharges, it also protects us from fire or molten metal splashes, among others.

When is it mandatory to wear flame-retardant and antistatic workwear?

This protective clothing is mandatory in any sector of activity in which the worker is exposed to contact with flames, heat, molten metal splashes and electricity.

These garments thus become an essential protection tool that must be part of prevention plans and must be subject to specific regulations.

What are the characteristics of flame-retardant and antistatic garments?

Protective clothing must comply with a series of standards, always ensuring that its design, use and maintenance are adequate.

The pockets included in these garments must be the minimum necessary, and must be covered by a layer of fabric that is wider than the opening of the pocket. All elements that include buttons or zippers must also be covered so that they do not constitute any element of risk, avoiding the conduction of heat and electricity.

Where to find flame retardant and antistatic workwear?

Where to find flame retardant and antistatic workwear?
Uniforms can be found at Oroel, experts in antistatic and flame retardant garments.

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