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Anti-cut clothing for chainsaw work.

Anti-cut clothing is essential and indispensable for working with chainsaws. The injuries that can be caused by any mishap with one of these machines can be very serious. Wearing the appropriate protective clothing is, therefore, a must.

In fact, the Accident Prevention Regulations require the use of anti-cutting pants, anti-cutting jackets and protective boots. These and other products are part of the PPE that we offer in Oroel.

We recommend not to carry out any work with chainsaw if we are not well equipped, no matter how easy it may seem or how safe we feel.

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Anticutting Clothing for Chainsaw Work

Function of anti-cut clothing.

It’s not easy to imagine an article of clothing stopping a chainsaw blade, but that’s what our pants and jackets actually do. How they do it is easy to explain. Our protective gear has two layers, two fabrics between which is another layer made of long, tough protective fibers that is what guarantees its quality.

When a mishap occurs, the chainsaw cuts through the first layer and encounters the fibers, which become entangled in the chain of the machine, causing it to stop immediately.

The complexity of this type of garments means that they are divided into several classes according to their level of protection.

  • Class 0 and class 1 anti-cut clothing: the first (class 0) withstands chain speeds up to 16 m/s. The second up to 20 m/s.
  • Class 2 and class 3 anti-cut clothing. Class 2 withstands a maximum chain speed of 24 m/s, while class 3 can withstand speeds of up to 28 m/s.

Therefore, it is key to look at the chainsaw we are going to work with in order to select some of our cut protection pants or our most suitable protection jacket.

Chainsaw anti-cut garments

First of all, there are some recommendations we would like to give. The first one is that all protective elements must be comfortable. Any discomfort or distraction while working with a chainsaw can lead to an accident.

On the other hand, all clothing, especially pants and jackets, should have good breathability and ventilation. And of course, they have to be made with all the relevant layers, especially the special fibers that make each garment more resistant.

From here our advice depending on the garment in question is as follows

Anti-cut clothing for chainsaw work

Anti-cut pants for chainsaws.

We must make sure that our anti-cut pants meet the parameters explained above and that they serve as a protector against possible damage that the chainsaw may cause. They must be comfortable, so we must make sure of the size, with the necessary pockets and with some fluorescent detail..

Chainsaw cut-protection bib.

They must have similar characteristics to those of the pants, but as they have suspenders, we must make even more emphasis on choosing the right size of the anti-cutting dungarees and make sure that we are comfortable.

Anticut leggings for chainsaw work.

Our recommendation is similar to the previous ones, we must make sure that they are the right size, that they are comfortable and, in this particular case, we must also make sure that the anti-cut leggings protect all the areas susceptible to damage.

Anti-cut jacket.

Once again, we recommend that it should be comfortable and that it should not be harmful to our work. In the anti-cut jacket, the reflective part should be somewhat larger, to make us well visible.

Occupational protective footwear.

Boots must have an insole and a reinforced anti-puncture instep. This is essential and avoids many mishaps. At the same time, good cut-protection boots must provide comfort.

In addition to these elements, it is also mandatory to use gloves, helmet or goggles, and it will never be superfluous to use any extra protective element that you want to use.

Following all these recommendations, almost all of them obligations, you will be meeting the standards of safety and prevention in terms of protective clothing against chainsaws.

From Oroel we guarantee, with our chainsaw clothing, the highest level of safety and protection against cuts during work.

In the online catalog you can find pants, bibs, jackets or leggings for chainsaws designed and manufactured with the best fabrics and the best quality.

Contact us +34 976 149 260 if you do not find what you are looking for.

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When it comes to choosing the best protective clothing for chainsaws, many questions can arise. Here are some of the most common questions about anti-cutting clothing:

When should you replace anti-cutting PPE for chainsaws?

It is very important that you regularly check your protective equipment to ensure that it is not damaged or defective. If it does, it may no longer perform its protective function.

If you find any of these signs on your PPE, you should replace it:

  • Holes, porous areas or contaminated parts.
  • Material that is heavily used and has exceeded its recommended service life.

What risks does anti-cut clothing for chainsaws protect us from?

Among the most important occupational hazards of chainsaw use are cuts. Other risks derived from their use are crushing, blows, entrapment, muscular or skeletal injuries, as well as injuries caused by excessive noise.

What kind of chainsaw clothing can we find according to their level of protection?

Depending on the level of protection of the protective clothing for chainsaws, we can distinguish the following classes:

  • Class 0 and 1 anti-cut clothing: Class 0 withstands chain speeds of up to 16 meters/second. Class 1 can withstand up to 20 meters/second.
  • Class 2 and 3 anti-cut clothing: Class 2 withstands chain speeds not exceeding 24 meters/second and class 3 withstands speeds up to 28 meters/second.

What equipment do I need to work with chainsaws?

When it comes to working with chainsaws, you will need to have the right protective clothing that allows you total freedom of movement and guarantees maximum protection. Here are some recommendations about the clothing and accessories you will need to complete your protective equipment:

  • Safety goggles
  • Protective helmet
  • Ear protectors
  • Protective gloves
  • Chainsaw pants with cut-resistant protection
  • Safety shoes
  • Protective cut-protection overalls
  • Anti-cut protective jacket

Remember that the protective clothing you use must always be properly certified and homologated to guarantee your protection against any risk derived from your activity.

Which manufacturers of anti-cut chainsaw clothing can I find?

In Oroel we have been manufacturing anti-cut protective clothing for chainsaws for more than four decades. Contact us for any inquiry, we have the manufacturing capacity and the experience to adapt to your needs offering a completely safe, comfortable and customized solution for your workers.