Protective clothing

Protective clothing is an essential element in the protection of all worker agents who are exposed to some type of risk. At Oroel we carry more than 40 years manufacturing protective clothing and betting on technical knowledge, flexibility in orders and environmental performance.

Depending on the functions and dangers to which the company’s workers are exposed in their activity, we will use a type of protective clothing that guarantees the safety of all the equipment in the different activities carried out in the industrial field.

Catalog of personal protection work clothes

low visibility workwear
Low visibility
protective clothing against heat and fire
Heat and Flame and Electric Arc
flame retardant and high temperature protective clothing
Heat and flame and Low Visibility
protective clothing for firefighters
Heat and Flame and Forest Firefighter
protective clothing heat and flame and large splash
Heat and Flame and Big Splash
fireproof and antistatic workwear
Heat and Flame and Electrostatic Hazard
welder workwear
Heat and Flame and Welding
labor protection accessories
Fireproof Accessories
industrial protective clothing against entrapment
Entrapment Protection
protective clothing against electrical hazards
Electrostatic Hazard Protection
chainsaw anti-cut clothing
Chainsaw Protection
chemical protective clothing type 3
Chemical Protection
technical rescue clothing
Technical rescue

Protective Clothing Manufacturers

Referring to the types of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) , there are numerous aspects to consider. Below we offer a classification that can be made based on the parts of our body that it protects.

In this way we find facial protection accessories for the head , for the ears (hearing protection), to face (respiratory protection) and eyes (eye protection) when we speak for example of protective clothing for welders.

If we continue to enumerate, we cannot forget about agents such as protective equipment for hands and arms such as gloves and sleeves, protective accessories for feet and legs such as safety boots, with protection and resistance to extreme heat or cold, as well as prevention against dangers derived from electricity.

labor protection accessories Neck cover attachable to helmet by eyelets in heat and flame protection clothing and forest firefighter
labor protection accessories - Flame retardant fabric visor cap in protective clothing for fire retardant clothing accessories and fire retardant clothing
labor protection accessories - Cream colored short executioner in protective clothing for heat and flame and forest firefighter

Finally, protective equipment for trunk and abdomen , such as protective vests, jackets, aprons, belts or girdles and body protective clothing that cover our Body In its whole. Here we talk about protective clothing against chemicals, suits for forest firefighters, occupational protective clothing against chemical risks, against mechanical and biological risks or resistance to low and high temperatures, among others.

Work clothes
Orange padded and waterproof jacket
Green and yellow closed multi-pocket diver
High visibility trousers with zip and button

Our main commitment is to contribute to a safer and more sustainable world, and therefore our offer in reusable protective clothing equipment is integrated into the circular economy without losing the essence of our company. The more specific our client’s need, the more specialized is our response in the field of prevention clothing.


All our accessories and protective suits are manufactured in accordance with current regulations for the specific use that said garment is going to have.