Oroel is a business group located in various countries on different continents whose main activity is the manufacture, sale and service of personal protective clothing, integrating the circular economy throughout its processes.

Over two thousand customers, one million users, one hundred and fifty employees, business sites on three continents… the result of over 40 years staying true to our core values on the Protection and Safety of Workers.

Our desire to protect, our integrity, the willingness to learn and improve, innovation, teamwork and the service commitment to our customers are the cornerstones of our philosophy.

Oroel’s design and manufacturing capacity allows us to offer a better technical response to customer needs in both quality and delivery.

The technical team is well-experienced in both field-work and product knowledge. It is specialized for all industrial and service sectors, giving us a high level of expertise of current regulations, in the use of suitable materials to cover risks and the design and awareness of customers` corporate brand image.

We are proud to show you the journey we have made but we are ever prouder to be witness to future expectations that, thanks to our marvellous team of people, customers and partners, we hope to reach together.


Confecciones OROEL, 40 years of experience. We have been producing protective clothing since 1980 and are recognised for our knowledge, flexibility and competitiveness.

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To contribute to creating a more sustainable and safer world with protective clothing that is integrated in the circular economy while still retaining the company’s core values in knowhow, flexibility and competitiveness.

Oroel’s focus is based on our customer’s needs. The more specific the need, the more specific our response. Flexibility is key in our deliveries, personalized shipments, equipment storage and clothing maintenance service

We are committed to taking on the new day-to-day challenges and we set aside financial and manpower resources to achieve the project goals and meet the legal requirements of our work, the environment and all other voluntary measures which we subscribe to.

Our organisation carries out an important social function, it manufactures and sells Protective Clothing, an essential link in the personal safety chain of workers in their posts. We do this with regular technical updates that allow us to supply the best equipment tailored to our customers’ needs.

We have adopted responsible global administration in our workplace and those we work with, where quality, customer-focus, contamination prevention and the responsible use of resources are an integral part of our ethos.

In our commitment to sustainable development, we want to highlight the following:
  • We take into account the social and economic impact of the activity.
  • Human rights are always respected.
  • Child workers and forced labour are never permitted.
  • Oroel complies with all legal regulations are in those countries where it has a presence.
  • All our processes are carried out safely and follow the health and safety legislation in force.
  • Best practices have been introduced that minimise the environmental impact and prevent contamination.
  • Workers’ rights and skills are protected and stimulated through Human Resources.

Therefore, we are committed to evaluating the application and effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System, promoting continuous improvement of the product or service for the companies that are members of the Oroel group and, environmental behaviour in the case of the head company that adds value in achieving customer satisfaction.