Discover our working clothing renting service

In our renting service is included the provision, renting, washing of protective clothing and maintenance of those clothes. These services are possible due to our technical and human means that provide support and oversight through all the proccess.

 We offer an end to end service: design, manufacture, management and maintenance of protective clothing. Therefore, we cover from the vey beginning: the design of the clothes, until the removal of them, making these clothes fulfill their own life cycle. 

. It is a service that guarantees the perfect condition of the clothes and make them last as long as possible during their lifespan. The durability is key when implementing a circular economy, that’s why  it is considered a goal in sustainable economy.

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Renting Service Delivery Process

1. Clothing sizing

Measure all the users. Size customization, women’s men’s  sizes, and special sizes are available.

2. Clothing Manufacture

Oroel owns a factory itself so our clothes are manufactured under the most strict quality standards. Our factory ensures the best service for all clients, no matter their size, being able to manufacture both large and small orders.

3. Clothing identification

It is done thanks to a bar code, RFID. An app is available to ensure the traceability of the clothes.

4. Lockers placement

This service includes the delivery of lockers for the users to pick up their washed clothes and place their laundry when clothes are dirty.

5. Clothing delivery

Individual delivery of clothing. Each user gets a personalized box with their clothes in it.

6. Monitoring, repairs, incidences, and substitution of the clothes

Clothes are checked, they are protective clothing so they must be in perfect conditions when they get to our clients. If any reparation is needed, original components will be used to make them right.

7. Laundry pick up

All clothes are washed with special programs designed to protect the clothes and their certifications. The drying proccess is carried out very carefully.

8. Clean laundry delivery

Clean clothes are placed in every user’s locker, taking in consideration the clothing rotation.

9. Removal of the clothes

 This happens when their lifespan is over or for some other reason such as rip, etc.

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Why choosing our working clothing renting service?

Pay for use

Manufacturer´s responsability for the PPE

Customised wash

Environmental Sustainability

Impeccable Corporate Image

Customized Clothes

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