Consequences of climate change: Increase in extreme events

The experts of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) gave us a warning: the consequences of climate change will be irreversible. As the UN Secretary General has stated, the study that has been carried out puts the whole world on alert.

Consequences of climate change

These highly probable consequences of climate change are already presented as facts. The latest IPCC report reflects an already irreversible warming of the land, ocean, and atmosphere, which has generated and will generate rapid and widespread changes on our planet.

Since the last edition of this report was published in 2013, the changes have multiplied exponentially. Among some of the consequences of climate change, we find, in addition to an increase in temperatures, the presence of extreme meteorological phenomena.

These types of meteorological phenomena are already becoming evident, through heat waves and torrential rains that are being experienced in many parts of our planet. As the report confirms, its frequency and intensity have increased as one of the consequences of climate change.

forest fires and meteorological phenomena

Possible scenarios based on greenhouse gases

Greenhouse gasesare responsible for overheating the Earth and are emitted when burning fossil fuels in order to generate energy. The emission of these gases was accentuated in the Industrial Revolution and has continued to grow exponentially to this day, reaching high numbers:

  • The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere currently has the highest levels in the last two 3 million years.
  • The concentration of methane and nitrous oxide, reaches the highest figures in the last 800,000 years.

These are two very clear consequences of climate change. The global average temperature of the planet has increased, and the current rate of warming exceeds all previous ones.

The temperature will continue to rise

The study confirms that the increase in temperature until 2050 is already irreversible. From that decade on, it is in our power to reduce this increase, if we have worked over all these years to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.

Consequences of climate change: Increase in extreme events 1

It has been 3 million years since we last reached a level of warming on Earth of 2.5 degrees, and human beings did not even exist.

It has been 3 million years since we last reached a level of warming on Earth of 2.5 degrees, and human beings did not even exist.

Attribution of extreme events IPCC

Scientists have been working on this study for more than three years. The final period has coincided with the manifestation of a series of extreme meteorological phenomena on our planet: an incredible heat wave in Canada that took more than a hundred human lives, floods in China and central Europe, as well as fires extremes that are related to the high temperatures of the Mediterranean basin.

Irreversible changes

Many of the changes derived from the consequences of climate change are predicted to be irreversible, if we specifically analyze those that affect sea level rise and the melting of ice sheets.

Another of the most sensitive points is the Arctic, whose warming will take place twice as fast as the average for the planet.

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