Prevention of occupational risks for drivers

Lately, the logistics and road distribution sector has undergone a great evolution and development, becoming an essential part of the organization and business function. For this reason, it is just as important to guarantee the safety of workers and to carry out a very strict prevention of occupational risks for drivers. This service is increasingly

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Why is there still no measurement of the impact of forest fires?

The threat of the Caldor fire in South Lake Tahoe (California) did not burn an inch of the American city, but it did heat up the atmosphere among the population. The smoke only covered the city, but it cost El Dorado County tens of millions of dollars, maybe more. Knowing the true cost and impact

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protección frente a los vehículos eléctricos EPIS

Protection against electric vehicles

The activity of firefighters extends far beyond firefighting. In 80% of cases, the incidents they have to face go through structures that must be disconnected from the electricity supply, rescues from high voltage cables or traffic accidents, with the added risk that electric vehicles currently present. In this article, we are going to focus on

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consequences of climate change on the planet

Consequences of climate change: Increase in extreme events

The experts of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) gave us a warning: the consequences of climate change will be irreversible. As the UN Secretary General has stated, the study that has been carried out puts the whole world on alert. Contenidos1 Consequences of climate change2 Possible scenarios based on greenhouse gases2.1 The temperature

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Regulations and use of PPE

Did you know that the use of PPE (personal protective equipment) is mandatory for more than 40% of workers in different sectors? Mandatory for 80% of workers operating in the construction sector, 60% of workers in the industrial sector and 58% in the agricultural sector. However, it is surprising that approximately 10% of workers admit

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características traje de protección química

Chemical protection garment

A chemical protective garment has an essential role in terms of safety. It protects workers against chemical products by preventing them from coming into contact with the skin and entailing a risk to their health. When can chemical products mean a risk to workers? If the product makes a health hazard. If absorbed through the

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Sixth generation wildfires

The way forest fires spread is changing. Rural depopulation, climate change, droughts and even the nature of fires has led to sixth-generation wildfires. Did you know that more than seven million hectares set on fire during the past year in Australia? These are the most destructive fires that the country has experienced ever, and some

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tipos de ropa de trabajo

Types of working clothes

Any working sector requires a series of preventive measures that guarantee the safety of workers. Its function is reducing or avoiding the possible risks that can be derived from each activity, and it is here where the different types of working clothes play a decisive role. The objective is to try to avoid any accident,

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realidad incendios forestales

The harsh reality of wildfires

Forest fires result from the interaction of several factors: climate change, accumulation of dry or combustible material and social changes. Evolution of wildfires Nowadays, we have forests that were actually planted with a different perspective, in another decade, and with other social, economic and ecological conditions. Basically, there are four points that have changed in

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